“I came to this amazing space to see Karyn R. Karyn cut my curly hair when I lived in Vancouver from 2008-10 and I have visited her twice since moving back down to the States because nobody cuts like her. Nobody. I work in the performing arts and my appearance is -like it or not- an important component of my “brand.” Karyn works thoroughly takes her time with each curl as well as sculpting the greater mop that is my hair.” – Sascha C (via Yelp)

“I was very nervous about finding a new colorist when I moved to town, and I *scored* with Karyn Rudance- great color, just what I wanted, and a terrific cut too.  Karyn is very cool and really works with you to make sure you get where you want to go.  She’s a master colorist and she says she specializes in curly hair, but mine is as straight as the proverbial stick, and I am still thrilled.  Very, very good experience!” – Darcy C (via Yelp)

“With the eye of a master sculptor, she paid great attention to each individual curl, cutting it according to the variations in texture and tightness. No two curls on my head are the same, and she made each one look amazing. I walked out with the best haircut of my life, and got at least three or four compliments on it as I went about my day.” – Shallom J (see full blog post)

I find Karyn genuinely listens to my wants and advises me honestly. She has given suggestions on the best way to approach a particular look that I want or offer an alternative if my hair goals aren’t realistic. She has been cutting my hair for just over 3 years now and I have been thrilled every single time. I would much rather have a stylist who wants me to look my best than someone who will let me look bad, I have never had so many compliments on my hair since she has taken care of it.” – S.R. (via Yelp)

“I’ve been going to Karyn since 2007. Every time I walk out of there with a fresh cut and colour, I feel like my batteries have been recharged. She’s found the perfect style for both my face and my personality. No matter how unruly my curly hair might want to be, she’s so consistent and gets it looking fabulous every time!” – Kirsten S.

“The fact that Karyn identifies as a curly hair & colour specialist is a great indication that her hands are the only hands you want touching your tresses. Karyn considers all factors that go into creating a signature hairstyle – face shape, hair type, lifestyle, and budget – because we’ve all experienced getting a fabulous haircut that’s impossible to recreate.” – Zoe Badley (see full blog post)

Karyn Rudance

“Karyn is a vibrant and friendly stylist who made the whole experience very enjoyable! A rare treat for me since as a curly girl, I have had my share of bad salon experiences. Karen took the time to talk to me about what would work best for my curl type and also asked me what I wanted done. We then discussed my options and came to a decision together. As someone with curly hair herself, Karyn really understands what styles and layers work best with curly hair.” – curlicious11 (via NaturallyCurly)

“I highly recommend Karyn. It’s challenging to find people who actually understand curls. Far too many hairdressers don’t even SEE your hair while it’s dry, let alone give you a pre-consultation. Full win here curly haired ladies.” – Steph W.

“I’ve been a client of Karen’s since my move to Vancouver in 2008 – she’s great with my curly hair. Her cutting technique is so good that I’ve actually had strangers complimenting me on my hair in the grocery store, in the video store, while shopping at the downtown Bay store and while riding the Skytrain!” – Johanne L. (via Facebook Recommendations)

“I have been a Karyn devotee since she was an apprentice and needed people to be her hair guinea pigs. She is utterly professional, fun, amazingly talented and one of the greatest people in Vancouver. I would rather not have my hair cut and live with the split ends and nasty roots than go to someone else. If you ever have the chance, please go and see her!” – Sarah B (via Facebook Recommendations)

“Every time I visit my daughter in BC I make an appointment with Karyn. She is the only hairdresser I know who can cut curly hair so that it still looks good several weeks later.” – Elise C (via Facebook Recommendations)